Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri
Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri

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Rural Resources Plan of Services

        The resource project spiraled outward from the center of activity and the Resource Center at Malden, Missouri. The offices of Rural Resources are located at the project center at the above Malden address.
    The systematic plan developed made contact with most organized communities. Each week communities were contacted until all communities were contacted and 47 public meetings held. Discussions were held as to their needs and what resources were available. Literature and resource material was distributed at each meeting giving access to information and pertinent information.
    Rural Resources first goal was to make contact and set up meetings in all communities. Group meetings were held to focus on the areas of need in the communities. Some communities focused on training for records, procedure, and administration while others selected other areas. A schedule of all events for training or information has been provided to all who requested it by Creative Communities, Inc..
    A second goal was to have a Resource Manual for participating communities. Recruitment of additional partners is ongoing and they are invited as participators.
     A third goal was to create a network of State and Federal agencies available to all communities. An open invitation to participate in group training meetings and to provide relevant information for the meetings and training projects was extended.