Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri
Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri

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Overview by Creative Communities, Inc. , Grantee

Overall Goal: The overall goal of the Six County Resource and Development Project is to maximize current resources and bring new resources to the six-county service area.

Expected Results: Expected Results from achieving the overall goal including business expansion, business attraction, job creation and trained workforce expansion.

Project Service Area: The project service area includes all communities with populations less than 10,000 in the counties of Dunklin, Pemiscot, Mississippi, Scott, Stoddard and New Madrid.


  • To create an online resource lab that will be available to business and community leaders in all six counties via the web.
  • To create open computer labs in Malden and Caruthersville that will be available to community leaders, business leaders and others for research and training purposes.
  • To provide computer based training for persons in communities where a computer lab is not available utilizing a mobile computer lab.
  • To provide technical assistance for the purpose of research, acquiring funding and economic development projects.
  • To enhance networking throughout the six county area to avoid duplicating services and bringing more resources to more communities.
  • To publish a resource manual that encompasses the six county area, including state and federal sources. This manual will be available to all community and business leaders.
  • To enlist known experts in various areas of business, community and agricultural development and make them available to the service area.
  • To provide training in the areas of business creation and/or expansion if needed.
  • To provide training to communities in specialty areas if needed.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. A minimum of two new business creation or business expansion projects created
  2. A minimum of two new value-added agricultural projects created
  3. An increase in the number of computer literate workers
  4. An increase in the number of workforce ready workers available.