Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri
Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri Rural Resources, Malden, Missouri

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Data Input Forms

In order for us to fulfill our mission, these forms were created to enable us to gather data about various communities who were able to submit their information online. These Data Input Forms were utilized in the collection of data on subsequent pages.

Economic Development Needs Form

 - determined each community's most pressing economic development needs. Resource manuals were provided to participating communities assist them with obtaining the support services they deem ed necessary to overcome identified economic development barriers.

Resources & Training Needs Form

 - enabled a determination to be made as to what type of training community officials and businessmen would like to attend.

Infrastructure Needs Form

 - enabled each community to rate the infrastructure needs in order that assistance could be provided to overcome infrastructure barriers.

Business Expansion Needs Form

 - provided a determination for each community to describe the kind of business expansion needed and what could be supported.

General Community Needs Form

 - provided each community an opportunity to look at general needs in order that they might be enhanced and the quality of life be improved.